Hugh Hefner founder of Playboy Magazine: "Ron Harris is the King of Erotica".

Playboy: "Ron Harris is the granddaddy of Soft-core".

People Magazine: "Ron Harris' Aerobicise® is the sexiest show on television".

Paramount Pictures: "If Leonardo DaVince were alive today, he would be doing what Ron Harris does with a camera".

Jane's Guide: "The reigning King of Soft-core".

Elle Magazine: "Ron Harris is one of the top erotic/fashion photographers of the 20th Century".

Porn Living: "Ron has his very own erotic style of shooting both photos and videos".

Monica's Reviews: "Ron Harris Studio "Filled to the brim with beautiful women and incredible photography, you can't go wrong with Ron".

Glamour Magazine: "Ron Harris understands the power of beauty".

Newsweek: "Ron Harris is an expert on beauty".

USA TODAY: "Beautiful women surround Ron Harris".

Adult Reviews: "Ron Harris Studio has carved his own niche in the world of amateur adult content. An emphasis on youthful beauty and sincerely performed masturbation scenes makes for an intimate experience of the featured models, and the quality of all the original material is fantastic".

Rabbit Reviews: "The strengths of Ron Harris/ corpus lie in his understanding of eroticism, the angles he chooses, and his relationship to his subject and subjects. This is a pornographic treat".

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