At New Nude Girls, we strive to include the best content that we can provide. We don't want this site to become an assembly line that caters to money above quality. Our models are hand picked and their pictures are chosen carefully to ensure that the photos that are on this site are representative of our photographers skills and our models beauty. We intend to update this site as frequently as possible to ensure that people will enjoy the experience when they visit this site. Our stories are never made up or exaggerated and hopefully allow the surfer to aquire insight on the models life and also what it is like to be involved in the business of bringing beautiful women to the world to see. Below are some guideline we would like to adhere to for this site.

To use girls that are better than a 7 on a scale of 10. Who have had no plastic surgery to enhance there breasts.

To use no retouching to make them look better or younger. Only lighting and makeup will be used to show the models at their best. Models who feel beautiful make for better photographs. The photographs must look real as if the model is right in front of you and is looking into your eyes. Diffusion and over processing in Photoshop will never be used.

Each photograph to be individually hand picked, color corrected, sized, sharpened and branded.

To use only girls who are actually having fun during the shooting and to never use girls who have lost the ability to be spontaneous. It is not enough to have perfect color correction with beautiful skin tones and a beautiful face and body. There must be emotional content that tells you she is having fun turning you on and that she is actually getting turned on.

To update at least once or twice a week.

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