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This landmark video series was produced and directed by Ron Harris and was the grandfather of all exercise videos that you see today. This innovative step in the video market helped to create a multi-million a year industry that is booming to this day! At Ron Harris' website www.ronharris.com, you can experience again and again, what spawned an industry and see what vision Ron had in one of the highest grossing syndicated exercise show ever.

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» Producer & Director
» The worlds highest grossing exercise videos
» Premiered July 4, 1981 on ShowTime making it the worlds first aerobics show and video
» Paramount Home Video 1982-1995 Bob Klinginsmith, former President of Paramount Home Video said in the Hollywood Reporter "If Leonardo DaVince were alive today, he would be doing what Ron Harris does with a camera".
» Aerobicise® is nominated for a Cable Ace award
» 20: Minute Workout, 95 1/2 hour exercise shows in syndication for 15 years and 57 Countries. It is the longest running, highest grossing syndicated exercise show ever. -Orion Television 1983-1996
» Author "Aerobicise® 20 minutes a day" -Simon & Schuster 1985

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Issue #28
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Elitta & Swan
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Issue #10
Tifanny P
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Maile Jacobs
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